“I'm living, breathing testimony that this smoking cessation program works! How did I quit for good? After attempting to quit a million times, I called the quitline and utilized their services. Through the coaching process, I learned how to dismantle the smoking mentality and to respond differently when triggered. I started seeing the harmful justifications and lies I told myself that kept me using, time and time again. One of the biggest lies I told myself was that ‘I can just have one.’ The coaches also helped me to discover that a slip is just a slip. It did not have to be a proof of failure and an excuse to give up and buy more cigarettes, going back to the addiction with my head held low. Having a slip did not mean that I had to stop making attempts in fear of failing. The quitline gave me hope. The coaches’ support helped me to build momentum to fight this addiction, walk through the unpleasant withdrawals without picking up, and obtain the freedom to live the healthy lifestyle I live today. It’s been over 4 years!”